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We prefer a modern approach and we are focused on providing quality services. The clients reactions and comments, whether it is a positive or negative, have always shown us and helped us to find out which way to chose and how to work faster, better and more efficiently. Our long-standing experience in creating business relationships has taught us to build on quality rather than quantity.



We are strongly focused on clients and our time is dedicated to clients satisfaction. Through our 24/7 services we try to be extremely simple and flexible, easily adaptable to changes, your desires and needs in order to perform in the shortest possible time delivery of your goods.



Please feel free to contact us with confidence because your goods can be left in our safe and careful hands. Carefully we transport your goods to reach their destination, safely and quickly. Be sure that your goods arrive undamaged and on time. The entire transport is insured with insurance coverage policy of up to 50.000 € (380.000 kn) in domestic and internacional traffic. For the carriage of more valuable goods, we contract individual cargo insurance.

About Us

BOXDRIVE d.o.o. established in Koprivnica – Croatia, for providing quality transport services of goods and cargo in domestic and international traffic.
We are focused on providing quality transport services with complex consultancy within Europe and beyond. Over time we have transformed to the company providing the complex portfolio of services in transport. We transport consignments of various sizes and weight as well as packages without the priority of express delivery for a reasonable price of transport. We want to improve our development, so we try to implement current technological achievements to our company within the shortest time possible. So to detect the position of your goods we are using GPS system in our vehicles.

We prefer a modern approach. We are looking forward to any comment of client, whether it is a positive or negative. Reactions and comments of our clients have always showed us which way to chose and how to work more quickly and effectively. You help us to detect where our reserves are and we are grateful for that. Many years of experience in creating business relations taught us to build on quality and not on quantity. We are  client-oriented and we believe that the time dedicated to the client´s satisfaction and careful solution of each comment, even though it is negative, can help us to build long run and quality relations. We believe that we can offer a lot to new clients and we can always positively surprise the sedate clientele.

Our Services

Whether your cargo need to be transported locally, have an exotic destination or need to be imported from abroad, we can arrange it for you. Thanks to our various types of services.


Going away? You are moving? Do you need to translate things and furniture? Our relocation service can be with or without workers. When transferring and transporting, we are especially careful to keep your belongings and furniture undamaged.


Want to translate your personal vehicle or machine? To a repair or mechanical workshop? Or do you need vehicle or machine entry / import from EU countries? For you, we offer a vehicle transport service or machines of up to 3 tons in the country and abroad! When transporting, we use special tape / fastening strips to avoid undesirable damage during transport.


Did you buy a boat? Want to translate your boat to a deserved vacation or adventure? In our offer we have a boat transport service up to 10 m and 3 tons in the country and abroad with our own means of transport. You can leave your boat in our safe hands when transporting. We carefully transport them to the destination, safely and quickly.


We offer a trailer of up to 2700 kg capacity, 500 x 200 cm platform size. Due to its low weight does not pose a big burden for the towing vehicle as it increase the cost of transportation of the vehicle itself. It is equipped with stabilizers, so it is possible to load very low vehicles. For this trailer you need a driving license with E category!


We offer you a trailer with or without tarpaulin, dimensions 300 x 125 cm, 160 cm height and 610 kg capacity. Use with a driving license without the E category! Sufficiently large capacity and its light weight does not overload your vehicle.


We have for you the Iveco Daily van with dimensions of cargo space of 420 x 218 x 208 cm = 19 m3 and a load capacity of 1100kg. The vehicle is equipped with a towing hook, cruise control, air conditioning in the passenger compartment, ABS, ASR, MP3 radio with Bluetooth, satellite navigation, special tape / fastening strips and other compulsory equipment. For this vehicle you need a drivers license with the B category.


Looking for, do you need transportation / delivery of materials or merchandise? Feel free to contact us with confidence, because we will transport your goods at your earliest convenience with maximum flexibility and adaptability to your needs. Be sure that your goods arrive on time.


Whether you need it for an hour, a day, or longer, we have you covered. We are the right place to go for every place life wants to take you..



15.00 €
per day
Long-term by arrangement
(excl. VAT)


30.00 €
per day
Long-term by arrangement
(excl. VAT)


70.00 €
per day
Long-term by arrangement
(excl. VAT)

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Contact us

Do you need transportation? Want an offer? Have a questions? Please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best possible service!

+385 98 836 953


BoxDrive d.o.o.Špoljarska 34,
48 000 Koprivnica,Croatia